Cut costs...Data-Flo can help you cut costs.  We'll review your processes and suggest ways to cut costs.  See list of labor saving services below.

Cutting costs  - Data-Flo can evaluate your processes to identify areas where efficiency gains might be made. If you have transaction-intensive or labor-intensive parts in your business process, we can help!  We do this primarily by:
  • Using software tools - including BPM (Business Process Management) 

  • Outsourcing parts of the work flow

This list illustrates the kinds of services we offer to help you cut costs.

         Back office operations most support functions in any industry

         Business Intelligence current, relevant information residing in over 200 formats/data types

         CAD services including raster to vector conversions - AutoCAD, MicroStation or DXF

         Customer service processing

         Customer assistance online help, help-desk, e-mail/phone, call center

         Data conversion to XML or others SGML/HTML/PDF etc.

         Database design, populate or migrate data, downstream applications

         Digitization of text or maps and large drawings

         High volume data entry from paper/digital source

         PageMaker from-to conversions, design, prepress

         PDF from-to conversions

         Photo restoration/graphic design/digital graphics processing

         Proof reading - literary, legal, medical, historical, textbooks, user manuals, websites

         Quark Express from-to conversions, design, prepress

         Web site design, development, maintenance, update, and management

         XML data conversion to XML, schema design, downstream applications  

See clients for work done by Data-Flo      "How can we cut costs?" see Cutting Costs

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