Control inventory accurately, always know your stock-on-hand, re-order intelligently, get accurate purchase and revenue figures....

Reading Room Assistant 1.3

Program Benefits, Features, Functions


Note: Presently offered only for Windows, only in English.

Program Benefits

Created specifically for Christian Science Reading Rooms

  • Establish easy, automatic, accurate inventory control

  • Get instant, accurate data for annual audit

  • Significantly eliminate time spent on clerical functions

  • Decide what items to order from the Publishing Society

  • Effectively manage your sales and reporting functions

  • Provide accurate, meaningful reports to the Board of Trustees

  • Devise operating strategies to meet your goals

  • Position yourself to stay abreast of new technology

  • Increase yield from your Reading Room outreach efforts

  • Provide valuable business insights to the Publishing Society

Program Features

            Easy to install and use

·        Easy to install – free download from our website or free CD provided

·        Easy to use – useful prompts, intuitive design, ‘point and click’ simplicity

·        On screen ‘Help’ key for quick guidance

·        Free help-desk assistance – e-mail, phone, online*

·        Free User Manual – detailed instructions for the novice or the experienced

·        Quick Reference Guide – for the most common functions of sales and inventory


·        Free training – for groups of 10 or more Reading Rooms

·        Training available at your location for a small fee

Free 2-month trial

·        Free trial - evaluate the program at no cost for 60 days


·        The Reading Room Assistant software costs $150.  Special discounts are available.


Program Functions


·        Record sales or returns quickly and accurately

·        Cash register – record money collected, cash, check, card (not yet linked to transaction processing), display change due to customer, allow discounts, record donations

·        Record miscellaneous sales at discounted prices, or free distribution

·        Print sales receipts for customers, or hard copy for your records

·        Prepare and reconcile bank deposits with ease

·        Obtain various reports such as by period, units, dollar volume, product etc.

·        Determine quickly and accurately the sales tax amount for any period



·        Track inventory automatically – purchased, sold, given away, or moved to lending library

·        Instant, up to the minute ‘stock on hand’ reports, including valuation

·        Inventory receipts – by units, dollars, summary, returns

·        Track expenses – purchase reports by period, units, dollars etc.

·        Create order forms easily from within the program

·        Smart re-ordering based on activity reports by item, quantity sold etc.

·        Print price tags / labels – quick and easy – product code, title, selling price 


            Lending Library:

·        Record transfer of merchandise to Lending Library

·        Obtain reports of Lending Library activity


            End of Day sales/cash procedure:

·        Automatic calculation of cash transfer to safe at ‘end of day’, leaving the pre-set minimum cash balance as opening balance for the next day

·        Summary of day’s activity to verify cash, check, and credit card sales (credit card processing not included)



·        Sales by period, by units, by dollar volume, by product etc.

·        Sales tax collected for any given period

·        Top selling items by units, by dollar value

·        Inventory received by period, by product, by dollar volume etc.

·        Up to the minute “Stock on hand”, all products, by quantity, by value etc.

·        Sales returns, Inventory returns

·        $ Collections report – easy bank deposit and accounting reconciliation

·        Today’s reports covering all activities for the day

·        Donations received at the Reading Room

·        See full list of reports available to meet your needs – flexible, powerful

·        View, print, convert to Excel, Word, Lotus 1-2-3 or e-mail the reports



·        Restricted: Access restricted to authorized personnel with individual password

·        Encryption: Password data is encrypted for complete privacy

·        Security levels: to designate access zones



·        Complete transaction history (log) available to the Administrator


Accounting Audit

·        Reports that provide full and accurate information to the auditor for any given period: purchase expenses, sales revenue, stock on hand, value of stock etc.

·        Eliminate hours of effort to gather, extract, verify and present this information to your CPA for the annual (or periodic) audit


            Back up

·        Automatic, easy back up on floppy, CD, or zip disk

·        Built-in option to back up at close of day to ensure safety of data


            Updates and upgrade

·        Easy update of product catalog or prices as the Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston revises them periodically – giving you the latest, current product list

·        Upgrade: as we release enhanced versions of the software


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