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Reading Room Assistant 1.3     

     Install and evaluate


 User Manual
 How to Install > Web download > Using CD
 Opening the program
 First time use > password, settings
 Trial Mode
 Going live > Product Catalog > Stock on hand
 Suggested sequence while evaluating
 Product Features


USER MANUAL:  can be obtained to view or to print from any of these sources:

1.      Data-Flo’s website at:

(click “User Manual” button, printer icon to print)

2.      After you have installed the Reading Room Assistant software:

Main Menu > Help > View User Manual (click printer icon to print)

3.      E-mail Data-Flo for a hard copy of the User Manual by mail

Error Message: In 1 and 2 above, if the User Manual does not appear (error message: PDF Reader software needed) you will need to download and install the PDF Reader - FREE - by clicking on the download option available in both cases.



            Using web download:

1.      Download the software from the website:

2.      Unzip the downloaded file.  If you do not have WinZip software, please obtain a FREE copy at:

3.      From the files you unzipped, click on “setup.exe”.  Follow the prompts.

            Using installation CD:

1.      If you have the Reading Room Assistant installation CD, insert the CD in the CD drive.

2.      The options window will open automatically. Click ‘Install Reading Room Asst’. If the program does not open, go to Windows Explorer > CD > setup.exe

3.      During the install process, you may see error messages. Please click ‘ignore’ or ‘yes’ to continue the installation process. This does not affect either the computer or the successful running of this software program.

Opening the program:

1.      After installing, close all windows.  On the desktop (main screen), you will see an icon “Reading Room Assistant” with an image of books.

2.      Double click on the Reading Room Assistant icon.

First time use:

1.      User name: ADMIN     Password: ADMIN

2.      Later, please change both the user name and password for your security.

3.      Branch Code: Please leave it blank for now.  It will be assigned by Data-Flo when you decide to purchase the software.

4.      Minimum cash balance: This is the amount you want as the starting cash balance in the cash box each day. Start with this amount in the cash box before beginning to use this software for the first time.

5.      Sales Tax Rate: Enter the Sales Tax Rate (%) for your state, if applicable.



Please read the “Before you begin” section of the User Manual. 


TRIAL MODE: While initially becoming familiar with the various features of the program you may freely use all the functions of the program, including entering inventory, creating FUP (Frequently Used Products), recording sales, obtaining various reports, etc. to learn how to use it.  The evaluation copy of Reading Room Assistant is a fully functional program.


LIVE  MODE: When you wish to use the program for real transactions, you will need to clear away all test entries made during evaluation. To do so: 

Windows Explorer > C: > Go to the location where you downloaded and unzipped the program off the Internet > open folder called “Support” > highlight (click once) the file called “sales.mdb”: right click and copy this file.  Now go to Windows Explorer > C > Program Files > Reading Room Assistant > sales.mdb > highlight this file (click left once) > right click and paste (overwrite).

You now have a blank database to begin entering your real transactions. (see “Before starting to use this program” in User Manual). 

Next, you will need to enter Product Catalog and Stock on hand.  See below.


- Product Catalog: This comprises all products that you are likely to offer in the Reading Room, whether or not you presently have some of the items in stock. You will need product code, product name, description, purchase price, sale price. To enter product information, see “Update Product Catalog” in the User Manual.  You can either enter this information in the program yourself, or request Data-Flo to assist you.  


- Stock on hand: When you are ready to go live, you will need to enter in the computer the actual stock in the Reading Room, as a starting point. Please have available an inventory list including the product code, product title, description, purchase price, selling price, and quantity. The User Manual describes fully how to “Enter beginning stock on hand”.  You can either enter this information in the program yourself, or request Data-Flo to assist you. 


SUGGESTED SEQUENCE: while evaluating the software

1.      Add inventory: Main Menu > Inventory Receipts > Add new

2.      Create/edit 'Frequently Used Products': from Main Menu

3.      Enter new sales: Main Menu > Sales > Add new

4.      See reports for sales, $ collections, sales tax, stock on hand, and any other reports of interest to you.

5.      Use all other functions of the program, including Administrator functions, and all features from the list in Main Menu.

6.      On exit, use the ‘Close for the day’ option to see day’s summary and automatic data back up features.

Product Features 


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